Dr. Dennise Maslakowski Receives PSU’s Highest Honor

Dr. Dennise Maslakowski

Dr. Dennise Maslakowski, associate vice president of the College of Graduate Studies, has been honored with the Harold E. Hyde Award for Distinguished Educational Leadership. Plymouth State University President SaraRead more


Online Student Orientation

This fall, we created an online graduate student orientation to provide all students, regardless of location, with information about academic and student services, registration processes, and post-graduation resources. We areRead more


Student Support Foundation

Preston Fuller and Kathy Tardif are advisors for PSU’s Student Support Foundation (SSF).The SSF is a confidential program that offers grants to matriculated graduate and undergraduate students who are experiencingRead more


Walking to Support Mental Health

In October, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) held its 6th annual NAMI NH Walk in Concord, New Hampshire. This year 51 teams participated, including the Plymouth State UniversityRead more


Hit the Slopes with PSU!

Each year area mountains are invited to submit ski package proposals that are then voted on by PSU graduate and undergraduate students. This year, more than 1,200 students voted inRead more


Using the CAGS to Guide PSU’s SAGE Center

Delilah Smith is a student in the CAGS in Educational Leadership program with a concentration in mental health counseling and the director of PSU’s SAGE Center. The SAGE Center isRead more


Counselor Education Department

Dr. Gail Mears was recently appointed as the chair of the graduate counselor education department. We asked Gail to share with the graduate community an overview of her background, professionalRead more


The Digital Age: Enhancing Classroom Technology

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in marketing from PSU in 2008, I applied and was accepted into the MBA program. As an undergraduate, when I was not busy hitting theRead more


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