Recognizing First EdD Graduates, Preparing for Commencement

The doctors are in!

George Tuthill

George F. Tuthill, interim associate vice president for PSU's College of Graduate Studies

Even without a brass band, it was a landmark for the College of Graduate Studies – PSU’s first doctoral students have defended their dissertations and completed their EdD degrees in Learning, Leadership and Community. First to reach the goal was Cheryl Baker, who on August 22 presented her work, Understanding Lack of Membership in RSEEC’s Newly Developed On-line Professional Learning Communities: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study. She was quickly followed by four more members of the EdD student cohort that inaugurated the program, back in the summer of 2009: June Hammond Rowan, Barbara O’Brien, Michele Craig and Ginger Lever. This represents the culminating step of years of planning and preparation, building on the dreams of PSU faculty and starting shortly after we attained university status in 2003. Please congratulate our new doctors when you next meet them! Read more.

Calling all graduates…

It’s not too early to think about spring, and in fact major changes are underway for PSU’s Commencement. For the first time all graduate and undergraduate degrees will be conferred in the same ceremony, at 10 a.m. on May 19, 2012. The combining of the commencement ceremonies into a single event will raise the profile of our master’s, CAGS and EdD degree awardees, making their achievements more visible to the entire university community. This is also the first Commencement since the creation of PSU’s three academic colleges of Business Administration; Education, Health, and Human Services; and Arts and Sciences. For more information read the Commencement article in this issue and stay tuned for more detailed information as planning for this celebration moves forward.

New programs planned

This year the College of Graduate Studies will be seeking state approval to offer two newly redesigned programs. Pending this approval, these are a Master of Arts (MA) in Historic Preservation, and a Master of Education (MEd) in Social Studies Education. Our intention in doing so is to better meet the needs of both the teaching and the non-teaching audiences that formerly were served by a single degree, the MEd in Heritage Studies. Both new programs have been reviewed and approved by the PSU faculty.


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