Reflection, Renovation and Rejuvenation

George TuthillHomecoming and Open House
Saturday October 2 was a beautiful Homecoming afternoon to celebrate the establishment of the Dennise Maslakowski Library. Over fifty alumni and friends, as well as members of Dennise’s extended family attended. Her colleague Marianne True, of PSU’s Department of Education, spoke eloquently of Dennise’s passion for learning and devotion to students.

At our Open House, later in October, we dedicated an original painting by Reine Fischler as the final element of the Library. The artwork was donated to PSU by the artist and her husband Michael Fischler. It is entitled “You Raise Me Up.” At the ceremony Trish and Rick Lindberg delivered a wonderful performance of the song with that same name.

Please take a moment to visit the library which is situated in the lobby of our Highland Hall offices. The library includes many of the late Associate Vice President’s professional books, available for loan, as well as memorabilia such as her EDie and Hyde awards, all donated by her husband, Irving Gordon.

More Colleges on the Way
A year ago, PSU established the College of Business Administration as a first step in re-organizing the academic enterprise. The second phase of that process is now underway, and by spring our remaining academic departments will be organized into the College of Education, Health and Human Services and the College of Arts and Sciences.

How will this affect the College of Graduate Studies (CoGS), and graduate education at PSU? Our intention is that students will not notice any change in service or processes, as CoGS will continue to provide student support. All graduate programs at PSU are joint enterprises. Faculty provide academic structure and guidance, and CoGS focuses on support and administration. That arrangement will continue after the Colleges come into existence. We expect this development to enhance the integration of graduate education into the fabric of the University. Each new College will be lead by a dean selected through an internal search. We look forward to working with these new leaders to continue improving the quality of our programs and our service to students.

Take a mental health break!
Each year local ski areas bid for the opportunity to provide special lift rates (and other amenities) for PSU students; a deal subsidized by fees allocated through the Student Senate. We want to make you aware that these deals are available to graduate students as well as undergrads. Check them out at , and take advantage of an incredible opportunity to set aside the books and enjoy the outdoors this winter.

Hours and Weather
Winter is nearly here and just occasionally – since this is New Hampshire, after all – that means weather is severe enough to make driving hazardous. Each year PSU articulates a “Curtailed Operations” policy for these situations. Please note the 6 a.m. goal for notification of daytime cancellations and closures, and similarly the 3 p.m. notice of evening cancellations, as well as the multiple channels for making that information public.

As a reminder, our offices will be closed on Friday, December 24, 2010 and will remain closed the full week between Christmas and New Year. The office will reopen on Monday, January 3, 2011.


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