Welcoming 12 New Doctoral Students

The College of Graduate Studies recently welcomed the 12 newest members of Plymouth State University’s Doctor of Education (EdD) program. The students began their program with pre-class assignments and their official orientation on July 6.

“This was a very competitive admissions process and we are looking forward to the work of this group,” says Assistant Professor Kathleen Norris, who is the coordinator of EdD program.

Doctoral Cohort

PSU's newest doctoral students on campus in July with graduate adjunct faculty member Kathy McCabe (at right) .

The group includes a guest lecturer and research fellow at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, the associate director of the New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice at UNH, and the principal at Bethlehem Elementary School, among other very talented candidates. The class consists of seven members who earned their Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) at PSU; four members who are PSU employees, including Wilson Garcia, Holly Oliver, Delilah Smith, and Barbara Wirth; and teachers and principals at K-12 schools throughout the state, and faculty or adjunct faculty in higher education, including PSU, Colby Sawyer College, the University of New Hampshire, and Franklin Pierce University.

Learn more about each candidate.

The PSU EdD program can be taken as part of either a summer cohort or a year-round cohort. This new year-round cohort will take one or two core courses per term. The summer cohort takes two courses each summer and conducts research, participates in practica or externships, or enrolls in courses during the academic year, based on the individual student’s program of study. There are now three cohorts working toward their doctoral degrees at PSU.


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