Award-winning Program / Mission

AHA Platinum 2015

dish badge 2014aha award

                                                                                                                                                                                          Our Mission

Healthy PSU seeks to promote a culture of positive health by providing leadership, opportunities and support for all PSU employees and their families, and our students encouraging health and wellness in varied ways and thereby building healthy people in a healthy place.

Our Goals

  1. Establish leadership and increase knowledge of, and engagement in, a culture of health and wellness at PSU.
  2. Increase opportunities and access for regular moderate to vigorous physical activity for all.
  3. Increase opportunities for all to have a health-promoting diet.
  4. Reduce perceptions of work-,  school- or environment-related stress.
  5. Identify and implement strategic policies to reduce or minimize the rate of increasing employee health-care benefit costs

Focus 2020 Goal 5