Award-winning Program / Mission

AHA Platinum 2015

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                                                                                                                                                                          Our Mission

Healthy PSU seeks to promote a culture of positive health by providing leadership, opportunities and support for all PSU employees and their families my encouraging health and wellness in varied ways and thereby building healthy people in a healthy place.

Our Goals

  1. Establish leadership and increase knowledge of, and engagement in, a culture of health and wellness at PSU.
  2. Increase opportunities and access for regular moderate to vigorous physical activity for all.
  3. Increase opportunities for all to have a health-promoting diet.
  4. Reduce perceptions of work-,  school- or environment-related stress.
  5. Identify and implement strategic policies to reduce or minimize the rate of increasing employee health-care benefit costs

Focus 2020 Goal 5

Award Descriptions:

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite-Gold Level:
For worksites that fulfill criteria such as offering employees physical activity support, increasing healthy eating options at work and promoting a wellness culture. Requirements for Gold level achievement are a minimum of 25 employees at the worksite, as well as implementing at least six of the physical activity criteria, two of the nutrition criteria and one of the culture criteria.

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite-Platinum Level:
For worksites that fulfill all the gold-level criteria and demonstrate at least one behavior change, cost savings outcome or positive return on investment (as documented by supporting data).
AHA Fit-Friendly Worksite Awards

DISH the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) Top 100 Health Promotion Professional Award:
DISH is where your big ideas can become winning ideas! DISH is all about competition, learning and recognizing the best of the best. By being a part of DISH, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the world of health promotion. Read what others are DISHING out about the industry’s best practices, new ideas, and innovative thoughts, share your thoughts by voting for the best entries or DISH out your own ideas and reap the rewards. Winners are chosen by a panel of industry leaders. Denise Normandin, RD, LD-WELCOA Top 100 Award Recipient 2014

WELCOA On the Move Top 25 Most Active Company Designation:
On the Move National Challenge engaged employees to move more, sit less and thrive in 2016. On the Move focused on fueling national corporate health initiatives to combat physical inactivity and initiate behavior change. The challenge engaged employees with on-line educational resources, behavior change incentives, social support and, of course, movement. Eighty-four organizations representing nearly 80,000 employees participated in the 12-week online challenge during April, May and June. According to WELCOA, On the Move has been shown to cut sedentary behavior in half and revolutionize worksites for physical activity—over 80 percent of employees who complete the challenge say they will continue to be active over the long term. To see the full leaderboard, visit