Emergency Financial Assistance

If you are a student experiencing a financial crisis, the Student Support Foundation may be able to provide help.

  • The limit of funding is a maximum of $200, with average grants being around $75-$100 to each recipient.
  • Funding is only granted for those students currently enrolled and taking classes at Plymouth State University.
  • Requests are accepted the week before the start of a semester through the week before finals each semester. A student board reviews and decides on all applications when school is in session and does not convene during Winterim or the summer.
  • Examples of items that can be funded with a grant:
      • Initial payment toward a future emergency medical or dental procedure
      • Emergency travel*
        IMPORTANT: This is only for travel to go home when you have no method of transportation (bus, train, friend, relative) to get there, and when you need to go home for the summer, for a break, or for a family emergency (for example, a medical issue or a death).

    *Requests for emergency travel will also be considered for one-time requests of $50 or less to get to/from an on-going internship or practicum providing the applicant is able to meet future travel needs on their own. This is intended to assist students who may be waiting for a paycheck to come in or will allow a student to get through to the end of the semester at their placement.

    *Food assistance is provided through the SSF Food Pantry, located at the back side of the Bagley House. For details about the Pantry and other food resources, click here.

    • Examples of items that cannot be funded with a grant:
      • Tuition
      • Counseling services (provided free by the Counseling & Human Relations Center on campus)
      • Cell phones/cell phone bills
      • Rent
      • Utility bills
      • Daycare
      • Parking tickets
      • PSU fees (for example, course overload fees, sorority/fraternity fees)
      • Non-PSU fees (for example, graduate school applications)
      • Requests made by Student Organizations at PSU


    • To receive help, please fill out the confidential Application for Financial Assistance (MS_Word). Save an electronic copy of the form for yourself. Submit the form to student.support.foundation@plymouth.edu.
      IMPORTANT: The application must say “Form updated 8/28/2013” or later. Earlier versions of the application will not be accepted

Applications for fall 2014 will be accepted beginning Monday, August 25th, 2014.  Please note, the Board will not meet until the first full week of classes.  If you are requesting books for the fall, you must exhaust all options listed on the book suggestion page prior to submitting an application.

  • The program advisors, Linda Corriveau or Domenica Medaglia-Brown, contact the requestors to clarify the needs and determine if there are other needs for support—financial and otherwise—that the requestor has. Once any clarification has been obtained, the requests are given to the student board, which considers the requests and comes to a consensus about funding the request.

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