About Plymouth Magazine

Plymouth Magazine is designed to inform a wide readership (alumni, parents, donors, friends, legislators and opinion leaders) about their University—its people and programs, challenges and achievements—in an engaging, thoughtful, and accurate manner. Plymouth Magazine promotes the mission and values of Plymouth State University and of academia in general (lifelong learning, intellectual inquiry, open debate, community service). It also seeks to maintain and enhance connections between the university and its alumni, and to reflect the value that Plymouth State University brings to its alumni and the state of New Hampshire.

Plymouth Magazine is published twice a year by Plymouth State University’s Office of Public Relations and distributed to approximately 36,000 people including alumni, current parents, legislators, faculty and staff, senior students, donors and other friends of Plymouth State.

Plymouth Magazine is a copyrighted publication. No article, illustration, photo or image of or from the magazine, either in print or online, may be used without prior permission of Plymouth Magazine or the individual copyright holder of a particular item.

To request permission, contact the Office of Public Relations at opr@plymouth.edu or telephone (603) 535-2276.

Address Changes

The Plymouth Magazine mailing list is kept by the Advancement Office. If you would like to change your address or be added to the mailing list, contact University Advancement. You do not have to be a Plymouth State alumnus in order to use this method. You can also mail your information to:

Office of Alumni Relations–MSC 50
Plymouth State University
17 High St.
Plymouth, NH 03264