A View from Russell House Windows

October, 2004

by Joe Long, Director of Alumni Relations

Often times we forget. We get so tied up in our everyday lives that we simply forget. We have responsibilities that seem to get in the way. There is the ever-present “Honey Do’ list that we never seem to complete. There is the job that seems to take up more and more of our day. And there is time. Time always gets in the way. Over time, we begin to forget.

Once in a while we do remember and think back on the times that have had the greatest importance in our lives. The times we were at our best and worst. The times when we were at our happiest and saddest. The times when we had our greatest achievement and our biggest disappointment. For many of us, these times all took place within the period of a few years, while we were here at Plymouth.

We forget that, at Plymouth, so many people had an impact on our lives. We forget that without Plymouth, our lives would not be the same. We forget that today, there are thousands of others who are at Plymouth, building a future. With time, we simply forget.

When we remember the impact Plymouth had on us, it is easy to imagine the impact Plymouth is having on students today. The Plymouth of today is educating the leaders of tomorrow by providing an excellent academic foundation for future success, offering access to cultural opportunities otherwise not available, and engaging students, faculty and staff in community service. The Plymouth of today in many ways mirrors the Plymouth of yesterday.

In my view, the best example of this is the engagement of our alumni. For many years, when people graduated from Plymouth they understood that in order for Plymouth to continue to succeed, its graduates would need to lead the way. Alums would return to campus to be guest lecturers, read poetry, run clinics and much more. Today, our alumni are doing these things again. I see alumni in the classroom offering students guidance in their chosen professions. Our alumni are returning to participate in poetry readings for Homecoming activities. Alumni are offering internships and are being mentors to present students and recent graduates. Alumni are also making an amazing commitment to Plymouth with their wallets.

If you are thinking about ways in which you can give back to the place that had such an impact on your life, remember that there are countless ways to get involved and that we are always available to help you. Don’t forget Plymouth.

P.S. I finally finished my “Honey Do” list!

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