From the PSUAA President

October, 2004

I began this column 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean returning from Australia. As I sat at my laptop, I reflected on the whirlwind my life has been lately, and how almost every part of it involves Plymouth in some way.

On May 14, I became engaged to my girlfriend, Loan. She is a nurse in Clayton, Victoria, Australia (a suburb of Melbourne). She had been visiting me for the past few months, and I decided it was time to “pop the question.” I tried to think where would be most appropriate—and came up with the only logical answer: the covered bridge off Exit 27 in Plymouth.

Three days later, I bought my first house. When I moved in the first week of August, many of my family and friends were there to help—and a number of them were friends I made through Plymouth State.

I then took my fiancée on a trip to see family and friends in New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Columbus, Saint Louis and Kansas City. However, the most important part of the trip was a visit to Montgomery, Ill., to see fellow Plymouth alumni Mariann ’93 and Jason ’91 Hunter, and ask Jason to be my best man.

So why do I tell you all of this? In previous letters I have talked about the Plymouth Experience, and how it is a part of all of our lives as alumni of Plymouth Teachers College, Plymouth State College and Plymouth State University. Sometimes we don’t realize how much a part of our lives Plymouth is. I hope that this story will give you the chance to reflect on what Plymouth means to you, and how Plymouth has stayed a part of your life whether you graduated five, 10, 20, 50, or even 75 years ago. I hope that, upon that reflection, you consider becoming more engaged with the Alumni Association, and the Plymouth Experience.

I know I speak for the entire PSUAA board when I say we are honored to represent you, the alumni of Plymouth. If you ever have any questions about the Plymouth State University Alumni Association, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Ut Prosim
Eric C. Schwarz ’91
President, PSUAA

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