2004 Distinguished Teacher: David Zehr

October, 2004

When Professor of Psychology David Zehr received the 2004 Distinguished Teaching Award, the official citation read, in part, “You demonstrate respect for your students as individuals; you inspire enthusiasm for the field of psychology; you are devoted to the craft of teaching; and … you have so selflessly engaged in the goals of this institution… you accomplish all of this with your characteristic humility and good humor.”

“Having Dr. Zehr as a professor changed my life,” says Kathryn Claytor of his Research Methods and Statistics course. “He demanded effort, consistency and responsibility for work—three values much needed for graduate school. His class was one of the most difficult I’ve taken in college, but whenever I became pessimistic, he was available for guidance, support and clarity … He makes you want to try harder and reach your maximum potential as a student.”

Zehr compares teaching to directing a film: “Teaching is also about the creation of narratives that inform, challenge, enlighten and even entertain our students. And we very much wish for our students to bring those narratives to life—we hope for them to develop the ability to create their own ideas, and challenge and enlighten others as they take their places in a world beyond college.” —MLS

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