Agreement with Town is Win-Win

June, 2004

Recently concluded negotiations between the town of Plymouth and PSU have resulted in an agreement President Wharton terms “win-win” for both the town and the University.

President Wharton commented: “The new agreement is mutually very beneficial for both the town and the University. While we both have endured a long negotiation to get here, the terms of the 2004 agreement will provide considerable benefit to both sides.

“The seven-year agreement doubles the annual University payment to the town to $341,000 in 2004, which includes funds to help the town secure fire equipment, build a new town safety complex, pay a portion of the costs of the county prosecutor’s office and pays for a town code enforcement officer.

“In addition, it is equally beneficial to both parties to have a formal agreement that describes the professional relationship between the Plymouth Police Department and University Police. This part of the agreement sets high standards for both departments, safeguards the police authority which the selectmen grant to University officers, and protects that authority from arbitrary withdrawal.

“Overall, I believe that the agreement can be the basis for a new era of cooperation, collaboration and positive development between the town and the University. It is very important for both sides to seize this opportunity and put behind whatever strains and stresses there might have been during the negotiation. Both the town and the University have much to gain from approaching our common future by working together, by accentuating the positive aspects of our relationship and building on the key assets we each bring to our partnership.”

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