Trail Magic

May, 2008

ATHiker_1a Alumna Bette Frazer `75 discovers magic, friendship, and herself on the Appalachian Trail.

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Panther Perseverance

May, 2008

by Scott Miller


Senior running back Jeff Mack. Richard Orr Sports photo.

“It would have been easy to quit football a few years ago,” said Plymouth State University senior and Panther running back Jeff Mack, echoing the sentiments of many of his teammates. “But we worked hard and now have something to show for it.”

The Panthers topped off PSU’s most successful football season in decades by defeating Bridgewater State in the ECAC North Atlantic Championship game last November. It was a stunning success story for the Panther program, which had suffered through a winless season just five years ago. Read More

A Voice In Support of Women’s Issues

May, 2008

by Barbra Alan


Evelyn Stiller. Jon Gilbert Fox photo.

Evelyn Stiller can clearly recall the day she became politically active. It was in the early 1980s, and her home state of Florida was embroiled in an effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Walking down the street in downtown Tallahassee, Stiller noticed an ERA office had just opened, and she found herself inspired to join the effort. While she always believed in gender equity, this was the first time she had acted on her convictions. “Being part of that movement was nothing short of transforming, and I have been active in feminist issues ever since,” she said.

One issue that deeply concerns Stiller, both as a woman and as an associate professor of digital media at PSU, is the growing gender gap in computer science. Read More

Promoting Active Rural Living and Healthy Communities

May, 2008

by Deborah John, Assistant Professor of Physical Education


The life expectancy for humans has nearly doubled over the last century, and by the year 2030, it is estimated that 20 percent of the U.S. population will be 65 years old or older. Research has identified three behavioral factors that have been shown to extend active life expectancy and enhance quality of life: improved nutrition, general daily activity, and regular physical activity across the lifespan. While the importance of individual responsibility for behavioral choices has long been acknowledged, scholars are now focusing on the roles organizations, communities, and public policies can play in supporting healthy active lifestyles.

Rural communities, like those served by Plymouth State University, have both opportunities and challenges for promoting health and physical activity that differ from urban and suburban communities. Read More

From the Alumni Relations Director

May, 2008

Class Notes Goes Electronic


Plymouth State University’s alumni body is constantly on the move. Whether it’s professional achievements or personal milestones, our alumni always have news to share with their alma mater and former classmates.

To better serve you, the Office of Alumni Relations has begun featuring class notes online. Having class notes online allows you to share your news and photos with your classmates immediately, and search for news from classmates more easily. Read More

Susan Doherty ’88: A Sense of Style

May, 2008

Susan Doherty

Like many kids, Susan Doherty ’88 dreamed about being in show business. “I would watch Evening Magazine and tell myself, ‘I want to host a show like that,’” Doherty recalled.

Her dreaming-and dogged determination-paid off. Today, she’s the producer and host of Six Minute Style, a Web-based lifestyle program that debuted in October 2007. Read More

Spring 2008 Magazine Credits

May, 2008

Plymouth Magazine Spring 2008 Volume XXIII Number 2

Plymouth Magazine Staff

Managing Editor: Christopher M. Williams
Editor: Barbra A. Alan
Designer: Daphne Bruemmer `98
Publications Manager: Lisa Prince
Web Site Designer: Kim Accorsi

Spring 2008 Contributors

  • Deborah John
  • Bill Laforme
  • Henry “Joe” Long, Jr.
  • Bruce Lyndes
  • Scott Miller
  • Jessica Rasmusson `08
  • Kimberly Rawson `08
  • Sara Jayne Steen
  • Sarah E. Vendt `08

Spring 2008 Photographers

  • Jon Gilbert Fox
  • Charley Frieberg
  • John Hession
  • Richard Orr Sports
  • Joseph St. Pierre