From the Office of University Advancement

March, 2011

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Heidi Pettigrew ’99, ’07G has joined the Office of University Advancement team as the director of advancement communications. Heidi is the former marketing manager for PSU’s College of Graduate Studies, where her award-winning strategic marketing and communications efforts included a new website, various recruiting and admissions publications, and a quarterly e-newsletter.

“Our alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors, and friends all have important stories to share,” she said. “I look forward to helping tell those stories and to advancing the University in this new role.”

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The 2009–10 Online Honor Roll of Donors

The 2009–10 Online Honor Roll of Donors

March, 2011

To bring you the most content on these pages and to minimize our environmental impact, the complete list of Plymouth State University donors in the past fiscal year is now exclusively online. Please take a moment to peruse the list and reflect on the diversity of the wide base of support being offered daily to PSU by its alumni, parents, and friends. We hope you will join those who take pride in the University’s success and invest in its future with a charitable gift.

To request a hard copy of the 2009–10 Honor Roll of Donors or to discuss your own support, contact the Office of University Advancement at (800) 772-2620 or


From the Director of Alumni Relations

March, 2011

Dear Alumni and Friends,

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Have you ever wanted to find a way to give back to today’s Plymouth State students? A fantastic way to not only give back, but to get a little back, is by being a mentor. PSU’s Alumni Mentors program allows you to connect with students and other alumni to share your experiences and help guide them through the career search process. It is an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of our students and alumni. To learn more about becoming an alumni mentor, please e-mailme or visit the alumni relations blog.

I am pleased to announce that the Plymouth State University Alumni Association Board of Directors recently welcomed Monica Grijalva Bardier ’92 to the board. Monica comes to us with a wealth of experience in public relations, marketing, and communications, and is the owner/president of PingPR in Manchester, NH. “I enjoyed my four years at Plymouth State and believe it is time to give back to the one place and a period of time that truly helped carve the person I am today,” Monica says. “I am honored to be part of the board of directors and pledge to dedicate my expertise, time, and financial capabilities to this organization.” Welcome to the team, Monica.

Nominations are now being accepted for representatives to serve on the alumni board of directors.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Alumni Weekend 2011 on June 24–26, 2011. I hope to see you there.

Ut prosim,

Joe Long, Director
Alumni Relations

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An Enduring Friendship: Friends of Matt Budrow Create Memorial Scholarship

March, 2011

by Elizabeth Cheney ’89, ’99G

As a friend, teammate, and a teacher, Matt Budrow ’05 was an inspiration. When he died in a snowmobiling accident in 2008, he left behind a community of friends and former classmates and teammates who channeled their grief into action by forming the Friends of Matt Budrow, an organization to raise funds for a scholarship in Matt’s name at PSU.

“We wanted future generations of students to know Matt’s name and the kind of person he was,” says Scott Nalette ’05, who, like Matt, was a physical education major. “Coach John Scheinman and Professor Irene Cucina helped us set up the scholarship in Matt’s honor at Plymouth State.”

While raising the $10,000 required for the endowment was an ambitious goal, the friends found creative and innovative ways to raise the funds, from selling commemorative t-shirts and wristbands to organizing golf tournaments and other events. In just two and a half years, the friends exceeded their goal. Jennifer MacDonald ’05 attributes the group’s fundraising success to Matt’s character and the bonds they all formed at PSU and within the community. “The school, the community, and the businesses—they’ve all helped us with the scholarship,” she says. “It shows that Plymouth State offers more than an academic experience.”

According to Nalette, meeting the fundraising goal wasn’t the only positive outcome of the group’s efforts. “Fundraising for the scholarship has helped us keep in touch and broaden our networks as we meet people who knew Matt.”

For MacDonald, fundraising for the scholarship has great personal meaning. “[It’s] my way of connecting with Matt; this is how I remember him every day.”

The criteria for the scholarship reflect Budrow’s interests in kids, teaching, and coaching. “Matt was passionate about kids and keeping them physically active,” says Cucina, Matt’s former advisor and a member of the scholarship selection committee. She recalls receiving an e-mail from Matt on his first day of teaching at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, ME, where he attended high school. “He e-mailed me to let me know how anxious he was, but excited that he had met this important goal in his life. He had only been teaching for a few months, but there were so many kids at his wake … he had affected many in that short time.”

Now, thanks to the dedication and hard work of his many friends, Matt is still making a difference in people’s lives. Junior physical education major and soccer and softball player Amy Green from Atkinson, NH, is the first recipient of the Budrow Scholarship. She hopes to earn her master’s degree and become a physical education and health teacher and to coach. “I’ve heard about the kind of person Matt was, and I feel a connection because, like him, I am a PE major and athlete,” she says. “This scholarship allows me to feel that what I am doing in the classroom and on the field is recognized, and it helps me financially.”

Even with their initial goal of creating the scholarship in Matt’s name achieved, the friends are intent on continuing their fundraising efforts. “Every little bit helps,” says Nalette.

To learn more about the Matthew Budrow ’05 Memorial Scholarship, or creating a scholarship at PSU, contact the Office of University Advancement.

A Perfect Match

March, 2011

Ryan ’00 and Meghan Carr enjoy the men’s hockey home opener from the Ryan S. Carr Press Box.

For Ryan Carr ’00, a perfect match usually equates to something that happens on a wrestling mat. While pursuing his degree in physical education, Ryan was on the PSU wrestling team, earning recognition as a three-time NCAA Scholar All-American. As the varsity wrestling coach at Salem High School in Salem, NH, Ryan has mentored 18 state and regional championship-winning student-athletes. The last place you’d think to find Ryan is at an ice arena.

However, when Ryan learned about the possibility of naming a space in the new PSU Welcome Center and Ice Arena, his first thought was, “How can I do this?” Ryan’s experiences as a student-athlete were transformative and it was important for him to show his support. “My feeling is that you have to give back to something that gave you so much,” he says.

After researching his options, he found that his employer, Northwestern Mutual, had a matching gift program. “Once I realized that my employer would match my gift, dollar for dollar, it became a no-brainer.” As a financial representative, Ryan understands the importance of building a secure future. “Invest in the things you care about, the things that change your life,” he says. “When I look at everything PSU has done, I’m proud to be involved. When PSU is ready to build a new wrestling room, I better be the first person they call!”


Matching Gifts

Did you know that you can double or even triple your gift to Plymouth State University? More than 10,000 employers sponsor matching gift programs that match charitable contributions made by their employees, employees’ family members, retired employees, and board members. Visit to find out if your employer has a matching gift program and increase the impact of your gift.

Photo: Ryan ’00 and Meghan Carr enjoy the men’s hockey home opener from the Ryan S. Carr Press Box.

Living a Sustainable Life: Craig Cadieux ’83 and Heather Huckins ’87

March, 2011

by Jennifer Philion

While many Plymouth State alumni embrace the idea of sustainable living, Craig Cadieux ’83 and Heather Huckins ’87 are constantly seeking ways to turn that idea into reality in their own home.

Heather, Aime, and Craig show off “CHET,” the truck Craig converted to completely electric power. Visible in the back are their solar greenhouse, chicken coop, and sun shower.

“I’m willing to experiment,” Craig says. “If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But if it does, great!” Projects at the couple’s home in Bridgewater, NH, have included installing a wood pellet boiler and a solar hot water system. “In the next two years I’d like to work on a bigger solar hot water system, using metal roofing material with piping integrated,” he says. Other projects include converting a three-season greenhouse for year-round use, and running their chicken coop—home to six chickens—entirely on solar energy.

Craig’s line of work gives him plenty of ideas to bring home: as the energy solutions manager for the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI), he conducts energy audits and educates people about reducing energy use and finding alternative sources. “I joined the organization as a member five years ago, and I’ve worked there full-time for about a year and a half,” he says.

He credits a solar energy class he took at Plymouth State with getting him interested in renewable energy. “It really opened my eyes,” he said. “The sun is an incredible energy source. Why aren’t we using it?”

A Conservation Mindset

Heather, who is the manager of Purchasing and Contract Services at PSU, calls Craig “the major engineer” who takes on the household’s big projects. “I do a lot of the little things,” she says. “Composting, recycling, buying in bulk, washing and reusing instead of throwing something away. I’ve always had a conservation mindset; I’m not a big consumer.”

Ongoing projects the couple shares include their organic garden, along with changing the landscaping of their 3 1/2-acre property. “It’s a great experience to grow your own food,” Heather says. They get leaves brought in every year to make compost, and their chickens wander the garden, controlling insects and providing natural fertilizer. “We got rid of a lot of the grass lawn, and we’ll bring in more fruit trees,” Craig says. “We’re working to create an ‘edible landscape,’ both for wildlife and for our own consumption.”




In 2008 as gas prices where rocketing towards $4.00 a gallon, Craig and Heather decided to recycle a 1998 Chevy S-10 by converting it to run completely on electric power.  By removing the engine, gas tank, exhaust system, radiator, and other internal combustion components, Craig installed a 26 hp electric motor and a bank of 18 – 8 volt batteries and created CHET: Craig and Heather’s Electric Truck.  The truck plugs into a normal household outlet and within 10 to 12 hours the truck is ready to travel up to 40 miles at normal road speeds.

Top photograph: Heather, Aime, and Craig show off “CHET,” the truck Craig converted to completely electric power. Visible in the back are their solar greenhouse, chicken coop, and sun shower.

Leading by Example

March, 2011


Scott ’75 and Patti ’76 Biederman are well-known and respected both on and off campus for their charitable giving and commitment to community and to PSU. As a tribute to both their generosity and the Balboa, a popular sandwich at their downtown Plymouth restaurant, Biederman’s Deli, the ice arena’s new electric Zamboni has been dubbed the “Zamboa.”

The Biedermans believe the best is yet to come for PSU and that alumni support is essential to the University’s success. “We want to help instill the spirit of giving—that’s what our gift to PSU is all about,” says Scott.

“Our goal,” adds Patti, “is to be leaders and hope our peers follow.”To learn how you can support educational, recreational, and athletic opportunities at PSU, contact the Office of University Advancement at (800) 772-2620 or


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