The Communicative Relationship between Dialogue and Care

August, 2010

Marie Baker-Ohler and Annette Holba, professor of communication studies

From the publisher:

“This book … provide[s] readers with the opportunity to consider multiple ways of enhancing human communication through discovering how the notion of care has the ability to shape and guide communicative exchanges. Care is posited as a philosophy of communication and more specifically as a communicative ethic that can be embraced in interpersonal and organizational communicative contexts. The goal of this study is to provide a textured understanding of care as it relates to human communication and as it is foregrounded in philosophical thought. This text will help develop philosophical understanding of this topic that is inescapably linked to human communication.”

Holba notes that, through the book, she and her co-author “want to elevate the ethic of care in interpersonal relationships … that is being displaced by rapid technological advances.”

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