Undergrad Wins Nationwide Forecasting Competition

August, 2010

Brian Pevear ’10 was the overall winner among undergraduate and graduate students, professors, and professionals in a nationwide weather forecasting competition. Graduate student Alexander Jacques finished in the top 16. Both students qualified for the championship round of the Weather Challenge: the North American Collegiate Forecasting Competition by forecasting for two-week periods at 10 cities over the academic year and finishing in the top 64 out of nearly 2000 participants. The top 64 forecasters advanced to the tournament bracket and forecasted for three weeks last spring for Amarillo, TX. “Just being eligible for the end of the year tournament bracket is a tremendous achievement,” said Eric Hoffman, chair of the Department of Atmospheric Science and Chemistry. “Both Brian and Alexander are clearly superior forecasters who are dedicated to the skill of applying the science they have learned in the classroom to making valuable forecasts.”

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