Message From the President

February, 2009

A Note of Thanks


Sara Jayne Steen, President

Welcome to Plymouth Magazine’s annual donor issue, the one in which we say thank you once again to those who, through their gifts, help PSU to excel. Philanthropy is personal. Although we cannot easily capture them here, giving begins with individual stories, those of donors and recipients, of people being honored, of memories and successes.

The students who are featured in the pages that follow are engaging and engaged; and all of us do what we do for PSU—for students—because we want to be part of something that matters and because we believe that education transforms lives. Some of us are living evidence of that.

During this global economic crisis, many students and their families may be impacted, with effects that could be long-lasting. The gifts we receive enable PSU to provide additional access and to invest in our campus, programs, and students.

In recent weeks we have celebrated excellence. We have seen student success in the classroom, studio, and lab, in impressive athletic competitions, and in extraordinary musical and theatrical performances. As a member of our community, you have been part of making Plymouth State a wonderful place to live and learn.

And because some of you may have been making difficult choices this year, we are especially grateful to those who have supported us. We appreciate your generosity, and we will work to continue to enhance your Plymouth State pride.

Sara Jayne Steen, President

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