From the Editor

October, 2007
from the editor

Barbra Alan, Editor

Teamwork. It’s a new concept to my preschooler and one that she has embraced with zeal.Whether I’m cooking, doing laundry, or tackling housework, there she is, ready to help.

At Plymouth State University, teamwork and helping others is part of the culture. Examples of it are everywhere—in the classroom, in the lab, on the playing field, throughout the community, and in every issue of Plymouth Magazine. The magazine itself is the result of teamwork among designers, writers on campus and beyond, faculty and staff, photographers, printers, and others.

The creation of this issue in particular truly captures the spirit of teamwork. I gave birth to my son, Charlie, during its production. Shortly thereafter, Anita Warren, a talented editor based in Enfield, NH, took over some of my responsibilities and thus became an important, albeit temporary, part of the team in the Office of Public Relations. I cannot thank Anita enough for her flexibility, professionalism, and invaluable contributions to this magazine.

I also want to thank my colleagues for their kindness, good humor, and unwavering support in the months leading up to and following Charlie’s birth. They have taught me the value of teamwork, both professionally and personally.

Happy holidays!
Barbra Alan, Editor
Plymouth Magazine

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