Letters to the Editor

October, 2007

Keep up the Good Work

The winter 2007 issue of Plymouth Magazine was the best yet—well organized and attractive. I am impressed.keep up the good work

I am personally delighted to note that my class, the class of ’48, had the highest percentage of persons contributing to the alumni funds. That is gratifying. And of the four 2006 PSUAA awards recipients (page 44), three are special to me: Bill Marston ’54 did his student teaching in my English classes at Tilton, NH. Norton Bagley came back to Plymouth Teachers College while I was there—even though he graduated in 1941—and Clarence “Chuck” Bailey ’60 was in my English classes in Tilton. It is good to see our students do well.

Keep up the good work.

WilburWilley ’48

Littleton, NH

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