Familiar Faces

June, 2004

Editor’s note: We received so many responses to our request for help identifying the people in these photos that space precludes printing all of them. Thanks to everyone who wrote, called and e-mailed. Here is a representative sample:

I thought I would try hard to be one of the first to identify one of the three “mystery” photographs on page two [Plymouth Magazine, Winter 2004]. Fortunately, the one I can comment on is the largest one!
I certainly think that many of the folks in the picture are from the Class of 1958. The determined looking guy with the beret type hat is Roland Vigneault ’58; on Roland’s right with hands stuck in pockets of below-the-knee overcoat is none other than the esteemed Eugene Savage. I don’t remember Gene doing more than humming to a tune, but the picture doesn’t lie: he is singing. Between Gene and Roland is a woman who might be Alice Murdough ’58. At the far right looking a bit out of place is, I think, Richard Boulay. The woman in the white parka with what looks like 50s ski pants is none other than one Sheila Sullivan ’58. There are other familiar faces, but the passing of 45-plus years makes it difficult for me to match faces with names. I am certain that the folks from ’58 will fill in the blanks. I just wanted to be first! ’58 was a good year!
Bert Mills ’57 (also a good year!)
Sunapee, N.H.

Yes, some of these faces do look familiar: Reading right to left: Front Row: Dick Bouley ’60, Dick Campbell ’60, Roland Vigneault ’59, Gene Savage ’58, Carolyn Cunningham ’58, Sheila Sullivan ’58. Back Row: Herbie Wheeler ’60, Randy Bailey (’60 but did not graduate with the class). Photo was taken of members of the Newman Club and Christian Association Christmas caroling, possibly at the hospital, December 1956. Photo can be found on page 32 of the 1957 Conning Tower.
Dick Campbell ’60
Cos Cob, Conn.

In regards to the photos on page two, the lowest photo is of Dr. Janice Glime (center) currently at Michigan Technological University. She is working with two students (?) checking what I believe is a computer printout as it comes off the printer. In the late 60s and early 70s, Dr. Glime was doing computer modeling of stream ecosystems (among other things), which at the time was state of the art, cutting edge work. Due to the length of the programs and the time required to run them, Dr. Glime and her students often worked in the Computer Center after it had closed and through the night so as not to “hog” all the computer time. Back then, all data was entered on punch cards and the mainframe would crunch the data for what seemed like hours. The typical desktop of today can probably run the same type of program in far less time. Still, it was unique, exciting and fun work! I hope this helps. I enjoyed the magazine and its well written articles.
Mike Galuszka ’74, ’89G
Milan, N.H.

Having lived in Plymouth since my husband began his 29-year teaching career at PTC in l953, lots of faces are familiar. In the bottom picture, the older gentleman is John “Jack” Webster, a resident in the time of Meldrim Thomson’s election and administration. He was very anti-state tax and paraded alone on Main St., Plymouth, carrying a huge cardboard axe on his shoulder with the message “AXE the TAX!” I suspect in this picture he was working with some youth or students, perhaps in the town schools. He lived on Langdon Park Rd., and I think his widow is still alive in town, aged over 95, Ann Webster.
Nancy F. Hogan
Plymouth, N.H.

Class agent Helenjane Doyle Hanson ’53 called to identify the man on the right side of the middle photo as James Odway ’51 doing his practice teaching. Bob Gannett ’96G of the PSU Child Development and Family Center also spotted Jack Webster and recalls that he was a reporter for the Plymouth Record back in the day.

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