From the Editor

February, 2009

Oh, the People You’ll Meet!


Barbar Alan, Editor

One of my favorite aspects of my job as a writer and editor is meeting people and listening to their stories. The stories I work on for Plymouth Magazine take me all over campus, from the PE Center to Lamson Library, and numerous places in between. And with each conversation, I’m reminded that Plymouth State’s greatest asset is its people, all of whom have their own unique stories to share.

In this issue, you’ll meet some of the cast and crew of PSU’s production of Hamlet, seven members of the class of 2012, a student with a long and diverse record of service, and many more of the people who enrich the University simply by doing what they love. It’s been a fun issue to work on, and I hope you enjoy the result.

As always, I invite you to comment on any of the stories you read, and to share your thoughts on what you would like to see in future issues.

Barbra Alan, Editor

To the Editor

I received Plymouth Magazine yesterday and read it last night. It’s always a treat to see what is happening at PSU.

It’s nice to see you have FSC paper in your magazine now, and that PSU has lots of terrific green projects going on. I remember vividly the days when Jim Hobart, Bill Neikam, and a few of us toiled successfully with what was called the Energy Conservation Committee. Congratulations on all the green efforts now.

With best wishes,
Peter Otis
Director of Career Development
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

(From 1975 to 1994, Otis served Plymouth State as director of career counseling, director of new student orientation, personnel director, and director of international student affairs.)

Familiar Faces

We received an astounding number of responses to last issue’s Familiar Faces from former faculty members, current and former staff members, and alumni from a wide range of years. While there was a slight variance in some of the guesses, the following response reflects what seems to be the consensus:

From Gail Carr ’74, director of continuing education for the Frost School of Continuing and Professional Studies:

Dean Jim Smith, dean of students; Dr. Douglas Wiseman (faculty in the PE department, then associate dean of undergraduate studies and then faculty in the education department); Dr. Madie Barrett, who was in the foreign language department and interim president as well as dean of the College; and Dr. David Switzer from the social science department. He was chair for a while and is still running some archeological classes. His daughter Kate Switzer works in our bookstore. All very wonderful, influential folks that helped shape our institution.

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