A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

March, 2005

In his new book, Kenneth Burke’s Logology and Literary Criticism (Xlibris, 2004), Robert Garlitz, professor of English, studies four essays on logology and argues that they show us more clearly than many of Burke’s other writings the analogical forms of thought that shape Burke’s contributions to 20th century American letters. Writer, critic and theorist Kenneth Burke (1897-1993) engaged questions in nearly every field of knowledge and studied the ways language and literature relate to symbolic action in all aspects of life. His works have influenced the fields of aesthetics, ethics, rhetoric, communication, semiotics and sociology, as well as literary studies. (The cover art, shown here, is a detail from Garlitz’s acrylic painting “Osmoid.”) A Scholar’s Journey Completed Barbara Lopez-Mayhew, associate professor of Spanish and chair of the foreign language department, has published her monograph La Traición en la Amistad (Juan de la Cuesta, 2003) based on her research into this 17th century play by María de Zayas y Sotomayor. (Translated, the title is Friendship Betrayed.) Lopez-Mayhew wrote about her research on this long-forgotten playwright and the first productions of the play, which finally took place in the 21st century, for the Winter 2004 issue of Plymouth Magazine in “A Scholar’s Journey.”

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