Anthology on Deviant Behavior

October, 2007

heiner-deviancePSU Professor Robert Heiner specializes in studying crime and deviance and has published a new anthology portraying deviant behaviors in different cultures. Heiner has been studying deviant behavior for more than 20 years, and Deviance Across Cultures is the last in a trilogy of anthologies he started 12 years ago. Heiner teaches Criminology, Social Problems, and the Sociology of Deviance.

“There’s been very little done in the study of deviant behavior from a cross-cultural perspective,” said Heiner. “I imagine most professors who compile anthologies do so because the ones that are currently on the market do not satisfy their teaching needs, and I felt a cross-cultural perspective was sorely lacking in our age of globalization.”

Deviance Across Cultures is published by Oxford University Press, which describes the anthology as “a collection that builds on classic deviance theory and basic sociological concepts to introduce students to this complex subject with a rich global perspective.”

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