Education Professor Offers Advice on a Silent Crisis

March, 2007

From grade school to college, American educators are seeing a disturbing increase in the number of students battling depression. Marcel LeBrun, PSU assistant professor of education and special education, and a former public school teacher, has recently published a book detailing the proper diagnosis and treatment of student depression.
Student Depression: A Silent Crisis in Our Schools and Communities is a guide for educators dealing with depressed students. LeBrun’s book, published in January by Rowman & Littlefield, offers solutions to promote awareness of and sensitivity to the issues surrounding childhood and adolescent depression. It also includes tips for recognizing depression, describes the contributing factors of depression, discusses medications and treatment plans, and provides suggestions to help readers empathize  with those who have suffered or are suffering from depression.

“It is only by encouraging students to share their feelings and emotions that we can guide them with specific problem-solving strategies that they can integrate into their lives,” said LeBrun. The book will help to ensure that children become psychologically healthy citizens.” —Bruce Lyndes

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