Is God beyond Good and Evil?

March, 2005

The Scandal of Reason: or Shadow of God by PSU Professor of Philosophy David F. Haight and his wife, independent scholar Marjorie A. Haight, was published in January 2004 by the University Press of America, which says, “By turning the classical arguments for God’s existence on their head, David and Marjorie Haight present original arguments for the existence of the devil in order to reveal a cosmic ‘God beyond Goddiness’ or the God beyond good and evil, which reconciles Divinity with its Shadow. The consequences of doing so cast light on the mysteries and problems of evil, divine predication, universals, time and eternity, the highest good, mind and body, personal immortality and the philosophical foundations of science. This superunification of the most fundamental concepts in philosophy, cosmology, quantum-relativity physics, chaos theory, biology, religion, ethics and even poetry anticipates a grand Theory of Everything.”

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