Plymouth State Memories

January, 2006

tmProfessor of Music Bob Swift’s anecdotes at a ceremony recognizing employees for landmark years of service have burgeoned into a book, Teaching Moments: Selected Memories of PSU Faculty. Compiled and edited by Swift, with photos from the Plymouth State archives, the book includes recollections of stories from their university careers by 26 faculty members and two principal administrators.

In the introduction, Swift notes, “For all of us involved in the teaching-learning process, education is what goes on in the classroom, studio, rehearsal hall, laboratory, library or on the athletic field. Memories of such incidents remain for years, as every reader can verify from personal experience.” He adds, “The 28 ‘moments’ in the book are whimsical, thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring submissions. Taken together, they provide a delightful cross-section of teaching-learning exchanges and experiences that, to a large degree, define [PSU].”

Teaching Moments is available at the University bookstore or by contacting Barbara Gickas in the Development Office at (603) 535-2212 or

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