Dr. Jessica Hoffmann Davis

Dr. Jessica Hoffman DavisDr. Jessica Hoffmann Davis has published and lectured extensively on the role and promise of arts learning. She was the founder and first director of the Arts in Education Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, a senior lecturer, and the first appointee to the Bauman and Bryant Chair in the Arts in Education. Much of her research was conducted at Harvard’s Project Zero, a place where the arts are explored as vital arenas for meaning making and reflection.

Dr. Davis has published seven books and monographs based on her research, most recently: Why Our Schools Need the Arts (Teachers College Press, 2008); and Why Our High Schools Need the Arts (2011).

Dr. Davis holds a Doctorate in Human Development and Psychology and a Master’s in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Environments from Harvard University. She is married to Will Davis. They have homes in Holderness and in Boston.