Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.

Bryant Tolles is a consultant on the Museum of the White Mountains’ opening exhibition, Passing Through: The Allure of the White Mountains.

Bryant Tolles has a B.A. in American Studies and an MAT in History from Yale, and a Ph.D. in History from Boston University. He held positions as assistant dean at Tufts University, assistant director and librarian of the New Hampshire Historical Society, executive director of the Essex Institute, and Professor of History and Art History and director of the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware. He has published numerous articles and book reviews, and several books focusing on American architectural history, including:  “New Hampshire Architecture”; “The Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains; Summer Cottages in the White Mountains”; and, “Architecture and Academe: College Buildings in New England before 1860.” For over thirty years, Bryant has been a collector of rare books, prints, maps and paper ephemera pertaining to the White Mountains region; in June, 2011, he was the recipient of the Historic New England (Boston) Prize for Collecting Works on Paper.