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FAQs for New Student

May 25th, 2011 by Betsy

What are the June Orientation dates?

  • Session A – June 1 & 2 (Sun & Mon)
  • Session B – June 8 & 9 (Sun & Mon)
  • Session C – June 11 & 12 (Wed & Thur)
  • Session D – June 15 & 16 (Sun & Mon)  Not available to reserve until May 19th

Can I make my reservation via telephone?

We do not make reservations via telephone. All students must fill out their RESERVATION form via the web site which is on myPlymouth. This information was sent to your personal and new campus email address from the New Student Orientation Office.

The sessions fill up quickly; please fill out your reservation form via the web ASAP

How come I have not received any orientation information?

Have you sent in your tuition deposit to PSU and has it been received? Information is sent via email ONLY to students who have paid their deposit to PSU.

Do I have to attend both days?

Yes. If you have a conflict with the evening events, you can go home and come back in the morning. However, we highly recommend you stay over to meet new students and to get a feel for residential life.

Can I switch sessions?

Yes, if space is available in the session you would like to switch into. PLEASE call 1-800-842-6900 and ask for the New Student Orientation Office, then ask to be transferred to Randy.

Do I have to take the Math Placement Assessment?

This is required for students who wish to enroll in Calculus or for students majoring in:

Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics and Meteorology.  This placement helps in determining what math class you should take.  However, any student is welcome to take the placement – it’s free and students will be placed in a math class to their skill level.

The Math Placement is available online and it is highly recommended that it is taken prior to new student orientation.  Here is the link for the Math Placement: http:

What time do I have to be there?

Arrival/check-in is between 9:00am – 11:30am on Day I at the Hartman Union Building (HUB).

Do I have to stay on campus overnight?

No, however it is highly recommended so that you can meet new students and to get a feel of residential life. Students will be housed in either Grafton or Smith Hall.  Co-ed arrangements (by floor) and it is on a first come first served basis.

Do parents/guests have to attend both days?

No. It is not mandatory for parents/guests. However, if they would like to come DAY I or DAY II only, here is the breakdown:
  • $40.00/per family member, for Day I attendance only (includes lunch & dinner)
  • $25.00/per family member, for Day II attendance only (includes breakfast and lunch)
  • $60.00 per family member for Day I and Day II not staying overnight (includes all meals)
  • $70.00 per family member for Day I and Day II staying overnight (includes all meals)

Do parents/guests have to stay on campus?

No. However, from past orientations, the parents/guests have had a great time staying in the residence halls for the evening (Langdon Woods). If they would like to stay off campus, please check out this list of area accommodations.

Freshman Abroad Program - Limerick, Ireland

Students participating in the Freshman Abroad Program MUST sign up for Session D (June 15 & 16).  If they are unable, please contact either Deb Regan or Lisa Ladd from the Global Education Office at

Can I get a REFUND?

All refund requests must be made in writing to the New Student Orientation Office explaining the reason and you will be refunded minus the cost of the meals. It will be mailed to you, the student, after the June Orientation program is over or if requested, it may be put toward your tuition bill.

Who You’ll Meet at Arrival/Checkin

May 17th, 2011 by Betsy

Who You’ll Meet At Arrival/Check-in 

Orientation Leaders: 

A select group of students who will help you get acclimated to Plymouth State University.

Registrar’s Office:

You will receive a copy of the schedule that’s been pre-selected for you and find out about the registration process from the Registrar’s Office.  It’s important that you check in with the Registrar’s Office so we know you are attending orientation.

Director of Curriculum Support:

  • Transfer & Part-Time Students ONLY on June 6th  

Transfer students will receive a copy of their Transfer Evaluation, and the initial application of those credits to their major, if they have declared one.  This information is necessary for registration on Friday, June 6th.  If a course description or syllabus has been requested, transfer students may submit it at this time.  Mary Campbell, Director of Curriculum Support, will be glad to answer general questions about transferring credits to Plymouth.

First Class: 

At check-in you’ll be assigned to a mandatory “First Class” session, scheduled for Day #2 of Orientation. During “First Class” you’ll meet with a small group of students and a faculty member to discuss what university-level classes will be like when you return to start the fall semester. This is an opportunity to talk about your expectations while also learning about faculty expectations for what it takes to be successful in your academic program. At check-in you’ll receive information about where and what time to meet on Day #2, along with the name of the faculty member who will lead your session.

Residential Life (Housing):

Residential Life staff will be available to confirm that your housing deposit and associated paperwork have been received and that your housing assignment can be processed.

If you wish to edit your submitted housing application (i.e. you would like to add or remove a roommate/s or change your res hall preference/s etc.), please visit the Office of Residential Life and complete the Housing Application Change form.  In order to process roommate requests, PSU ID#s will be needed and all parties must agree to be roommates.  Edits will be reviewed and honored whenever possible but we, unfortunately, can’t make any guarantees.

Fall room assignment information will be posted online beginning mid-July and will be continually updated throughout the summer. 

Student Orientation Adventure Program (SOAP):

Start fresh with SOAP at Plymouth State University! During SOAP you will meet and interact with your future classmates through initiatives, games, and FUN!

Information Technology Services (ITS):

Members of the Information Technology Services team will be available during June Orientation to provide new and transfer students with usernames and passwords that are required for registration.  Also during Orientation, students are encouraged to stop by the Learning Commons at Lamson Library to become familiar with the facilities.  Before arriving on campus, students may call the Learning Commons IT Help Desk at (603) 535-2929 to get preliminary questions answered. 

Plymouth Academic Support Services (PASS)

  • subject area tutoring in small groups or individual sessions
  • help in study skills and general strategies for academic success
  • services for students with documented disabilities
  • appointments and assigned tutoring times weekdays until 9:00pm

University Honors:

The Plymouth State University Honors Program cultivates an enriched academic experience for a diverse group of highly motivated students in a challenging environment consistent with the University’s mission statement “Ut Prosim”—That I May Serve.


Sunday Orientation hours:  9:00am – 1:00pm

Mid-Week Orientation hours:  8:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Hours:  9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday / Closed Saturday & Sunday

Regular bookstore hours which begin on Monday, September 2nd

  • Monday – Thursday:  8:00am – 7:00pm
  • Friday:  8:00am – 5:00pm
  •  Saturday:  Noon – 4:00pm
  •  Sunday:  CLOSED

You can also reserve your texts through the bookstore’s website (listed above).  Your textbooks will be packed and ready to be picked up when you arrive at the University.

Sodexo Dining Services:

Dining Services on campus is contracted out to Sodexo Campus Services.  We operate Prospect Dining Hall, the Union Grille, Sidewalk Café, Commons Café, Woods Café, Catering and Vending on campus.  Our staff nutritionist will be on hand to answer specific questions for you in regards to your personal eating habits or more general questions such as types of meal plans available, costs, hours of operation and so on. 

University Police:

The Plymouth State University Police Department assists in creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable environment for the campus community and surrounding areas.  They offer safety services and workshops, enforce campus parking rules, and educate the community about best practices in personal and community safety.

Helpful  Information….. 

Student Handbook:

The Student Handbook is available online using the PSU website listed above.  The Handbook can also be found by going to the site index for the Plymouth State University website and clicking on the link titled ‘Student Handbook’.  The Handbook contains essential information on what your rights and responsibilities are as a student on our campus and in our community.  In addition, it advises you (and your parents) about such items as rules and regulations, student government, wellness information, campus crime statistics, the judicial process, etc.  Please take time to review this document.  If you are unable to access the web and would like to receive a hard copy of this year’s Handbook, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs office at (603) 535-2206 (MSC #4B – PSU, Plymouth, NH 03264). 

SuperTip for Student Success…. It is critical for the success of meeting deadlines and understanding processes to


  • Access your PSU email account
  • Visit
  • Check your HUB suite box  (mail box in the HUB)

Checklist – First Year Students (pdf)

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Checklist – Family & Guests (pdf)

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