First Year Students

Want to know what’s taking place on those 2 days?

Arrival/Check-in Time

Anytime between 9:00am – 11:30am at the Hartman Union Building (HUB)

Math Placement Assessment Information

Check this out for all the details: Math Placement Information

Orientation Accommodations

Are you curious about where you will be staying? What about your parents and guests? Here’s everything you want to know in orientation accommodations.

Don’t Worry – You Won’t Go Hungry!

Your first meal paid for in the orientation program will be lunch followed by dinner that evening. Breakfast and lunch the following day will also be provided. Looking for a place to stay or eat in close vicinity to Plymouth State University? Be sure to check out Area Accommodations & Dining for a listing of nearby locations. Also visit the local banks in Plymouth

Once you have paid your deposit…sign up for New Student Orientation!!
Log into myPlymouth and look for… Sign-Up for Orientation

Bring Mom and Dad Along! Come On, It’ll Be Fun!

Would you like your parents to come to orientation, do they want to come? Everything you need to know is here: Parents or Guests coming to orientation.

Student Orientation Adventure Program (SOAP)
The Fast Track To New Friends

Check it out here: SOAP!

Scheduling Classes!

Everything you need to know about scheduling your classes can be found here: Class Scheduling.

Can’t Join Us in June? Never Fear – We’ll See You at Fall Opening!

An orientation program, Fall Opening, will be held just prior to the beginning of classes on August 30 – 31, 2015. Information will be sent via email in late July or early August to everyone unable to attend an orientation session in June. Students who were unable to attend the June session will automatically be included in Fall Opening. Please remember that all new students must attend student orientation in order to enroll as a student at Plymouth State University.