Math Placement

All new students are required to take the Math Placement Assessment.

The Department of Mathematics offers an online placement assessment. The goal of the placement assessment is to help students enroll in the math course most suited to their background. Students may take the assessment a total of two times. Students are encouraged to study after they take the assessment the first time and then retake it. The placement level determines placement in the algebra/precalculus/calculus sequence. Note that not all students are required to take courses in this sequence. Based on the placement level, students may also receive a recommendation to complete MA 1200 Elementary Algebra (four credits) before taking their required Mathematics Foundations course.

Transfer students must take the Math Placement Assessment if:

  • they do not transfer in any mathematics course, or
  • they need to take calculus as part of their PSU major (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Meteorology)

Take the Math Placement Assessment Online

The mathematics placement assessment is available online for all registered students through the Math Activity Center website:

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for extended time on the Math Placement Assessment. ┬áPlease contact the Plymouth State University Disabilities Coordinator in the PASS office if you think you’re eligible (603) 535-2270.