PSU’s LEGO Engineering Camp Welcomes Robot

July 18th, 2014 by Tim

Inside Plymouth State University’s Hartman Union Building, seven children are taking turns picking up a large red ball and playing catch. But this isn’t any game of toss and catch; they’re not playing with other kids, their partner is a robot. The kids are part of the LEGO Engineering Camp, a week-long summer activity organized by Plymouth State to acquaint young people in grades 3-5 with science, technology and engineering concepts.

“Every day they’ve been building objects with LEGOs, including small robots,” said Linda Hammond, PSU’s Community Education Coordinator. “Now they get to see an entirely different concept, a larger robot that can catch and throw a ball. This robot is a bigger picture from what they’ve been doing, like picturing a robot working in a manufacturing plant accomplishing different tasks.”

Chris Drever, PSU’s Director of Infrastructure Services, helped design the robot as part of the Gilford High School Robotics Team 1831 Screaming Eagles, which has successfully competed in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition.

This is the seventh year PSU has hosted the LEGO Engineering Camp. Learn more about PSU Summer Programming.