PSU Educational Theatre Collaborative Hosts Integrated Arts Festival for Artists and Teachers

January 6th, 2012 by Elizabeth


PLYMOUTH, N.H.— The Educational Theatre Collaborative (ETC) at Plymouth State University will present its 17th Integrated Arts Conference for teachers and artists Saturday, January 28 from 8:15 a.m.­–4 p.m. at the Silver Center for the Arts.

ETC is a venture of Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, Plymouth Elementary School and Friends of the Arts, in its 18th year of producing intergenerational theatre experiences that include community members, elementary, high school and university students and PSU faculty and staff from more than 19 towns.

The daylong program includes six workshops on themes from ETC’s upcoming premiere musical theatre adaptation by Professor Trish Lindberg of the Hans Christian Andersen classic fairy tale, The Wild Swans.

The program begins with welcomes by Lindberg, who is ETC artistic director and M.Ed. in Integrated Arts program coordinator at PSU; Catherine O’Brian, coordinator, Arts Education Grants and Programs at New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and Frumie Selchen, executive director, Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.

The welcome will be followed by a keynote address: “Mindful of Stories—How and Why Storydrama Helps Us Learn,” by Patrice Baldwin. Baldwin is president of the International Drama and Education Association and chair of National Drama (UK). She is also founder and director of the school improvement initiative, “Drama for Learning and Creativity.”

Participants will choose two of the following six workshops:

The Wild Swans: Exploring Universal Themes Through Process Drama by Patrice Baldwin. Working in role collaboratively and making use of improvisation and theatre forms, participants will explore the universal themes and issues of this story, through process drama strategies that will be used as thinking frames.

Swan Dance, by Kelly Doremus Stuart, dance/movement educator and choreographer. In animal lore, the swan represents beauty, elegance, grace, sensitivity, balance, mysticism and numerous other characteristics. Using Andersen’s text and a variety of visual images to inspire creativity, workshop participants will physically explore the many ways that swans move.

The Magic of Light: Technology Bringing Fairy Tales Alive, by Matt Kizer, associate professor of Music, Theatre, and Dance at PSU; board member, Friends of the Arts.Explore the uses of old and new technology to use projections in the classroom. Overhead projectors, data projectors and smart board technology will be discussed and demonstrated as innovative ways to bring literature to life.

Bringing Literature to Life with Music, by Kirsten Mohring, elementary music teacher, Nottingham West Elementary School. Participants will learn about the integral relationship of music and literature through movement, instruments and composition, and will learn a variety of techniques to add musical elements to any story.

Reading the Past, Writing the Future: Hans Christian Andersen in the 21st Century, by James Stiles, assistant professor and reading and writing specialist, PSU Department of Education. Join us for an exploration of Andersen’s life and work as we consider how children of the 21st century can be inspired by the universal themes of this classic. Specific strategies to help students read, connect and create from his work will be shared.

The Timeless Art of Paper Cutting by Shannon McCracken, professional artist and educator.  Integrating the arts through the magical art of paper cutting can be a powerful and inexpensive way to connect to curriculum. The workshop will introduce participants to paper cutting, a subtractive medium also used by Andersen, that spans the globe and has existed since the sixth century.

The registration fee for the conference is $125 and includes all conference workshops and events, including a performance by TIGER, PSU’s professional theatre troupe that uses drama to inspire thinking about social issues such as bullying; lunch, refreshments, a teacher resource book and a performance of The Wild Swans. Graduate credit is available for an extra charge by contacting Professor Lindberg at (603) 535-2647 or via e-mail to

Register online at or by phone to Deb Stalnaker at (603) 535-2933.

  Tickets for The Wild Swans are $26-22 for adults, $22-18 for seniors, $20-16 for youth at the Silver Center Box Office, (603) 535-2787 or (800) 779-3869; or online at

General information about PSU events is online at ThisWeek@PSU,