Mindful Eating

There are many stressors for young adults heading off to college: How will I find my classes? Will I like my roommate? How do I prevent the Freshman 15?

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News and Events


Michael L. Fischler Counseling Center Dedication

The Counseling and Human Relations Center has been officially re-named as the Michael L. Fischler Counseling Center in honor of Michael L. Fischler and his dedication to the Counseling Center and the PSU community for over 45 years.  Please click on the following article to learn more.

Counseling and Human Relations Center Dedicated in Honor of Michael L. Fischler


Meditation Group

  •  Meditation can help you:
  • Reduce your level of stress
  • Increase your feeling of being in control
  • Focus your attention
  • Relax
  • Increase your level of happiness
  • Sleep better

Please join us at the Counseling Center for Meditation Group on Mondays from 12:05pm-12:55pm.  Stop by or call us at (603) 535-2461 for more information.


Mental Health Screening

The Counseling Center offers free mental health screenings for depression and anxiety to students.  Screenings are usually offered once per semester in the HUB Fireplace Lounge.

Contact the Counseling Center at (603) 535-2461 for information.