Reality Check Fact #2

Over 50% of PSU students report having 4 or fewer drinks each week, if they drink at all.

Fact taken from 2009 NH Higher Education on line Alcohol and Drug Survey at PSU.


The contents of this Web site and the resources linked to it are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing you read on this Web site is meant to diagnose, substitute for, or otherwise replace actual face-to-face professional counseling.

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The Counseling and Human Relations Center provides services to students and consultation to faculty, administrators, and parents.  Our licensed mental health clinicians come from diverse backgrounds and orientations which are conducive to productively addressing student issues.  In addition to providing direct services to students, the Counseling Center acts as a resource for the entire PSU Community by providing programs that promote intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development.  The following is a description of some of our services and initiatives:


We offer individual counseling/psychotherapy, group counseling, couple’s counseling, and referral to other providers when needed.  We also coordinate with other medical and psychiatric providers, when appropriate, regarding students’ psychopharmacological needs.

Crisis Intervention

The Counseling Center offers immediate response to students in crisis, and will also facilitate community support in times of crisis affecting the community at large, i.e., fire, natural disaster, sudden death of a PSU community member.  The Center coordinates after-hours crisis response services with Genesis Behavioral Health, a local community mental health provider.

LADC Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Evaluations

AOD evaluations are provided for a fee to PSU students as requested by courts and other outside agencies.   AOD evaluations, not required by outside agencies, are provided free of charge.


We often consult with faculty, staff, and parents about students’ adjustments to university life as well as how to best deal with a mental health issue.  Our staff is happy to answer your questions about our services and to help find answers to difficult questions.


Throughout the year, the Counseling Center offers workshops and time-limited groups for students, faculty and staff.  Topics have included test anxiety, diversity in the classroom, dealing with stress, fighting the “winter blues,” and various groups addressing alcohol and other drug education.


Counseling Center staff members reach out to the PSU community and endeavor to make others aware of our services and resources.  We participate in New Student Orientation programs, national health screening days, and programs for faculty such as “Responding to Students’ Personal/Emotional Problems” and “Diversity Issues in the Classroom.” Members of our Counseling Center staff are active with local, state, and national professional organizations and boards promoting high-quality mental health and social services

Hagedorn Library

The shelves in this one-room library are filled with books about relationships, spirituality, psychology, gender issues, self-esteem and other human relations topics. Please call or stop in at the front office to make sure the room is available. Then feel welcome to browse, borrow a book, or sit and relax.


The Counseling Center administers a biennial survey measuring attitudes, behaviors, and perception of use regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use of PSU students.  This anonymous state-wide survey allows PSU to track and evaluate data, monitor trends, and provide assistance in the development of related programs and services.

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