Title II Feedback

Title II Feedback

Please provide a brief sentence or two responding to the following initiatives
  • Innovation in meeting the challenges of digital age learners, skills and learning environments – (grants, PDS partnerships, technology integration, etc.)?
  • In what noteworthy way(s) is your program maintaining or enhancing the rigor of its approaches to assessing and improving each candidate’s preparedness, and continuously assessing and improving your program?
  • In what ways is your program currently addressing and/or planning to address more effectively the state’s critical shortages (see http://www.education.nh.gov/certification/documents/critshortagelist.pdf).

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Megan L. Birch, PhD
Director of Educator Preparation

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Coordinator of Assessment for Educator Preparation
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Program Support Assistant
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Brian Walker, MS
Coordinator of Clinical Experiences and School Partnerships
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