Voting Members

Chair – Council of Educator Preparation

Irene Cucina

Adventure Education

Jamie Hannon


Jason Swift

Bill Haust

Arts, Leadership and Learning/ Integrated Arts

Trish Lindberg


Doug Earick

Counselor Education

Gary Goodnough

Curriculum Administrator/Principal/Administration and Curriculum

Christy Sweeney

Early Childhood Studies

Pat Cantor

Elementary Education
Marianne True (Baccalaureate)

Susan Shapiro (Post-Baccalaureate)


Meg Peterson (Teaching Writing/Post- Baccalaureate)

Megan Birch(Baccalaureate)

Health and Human Performance

Louise McCormack (Health and PE Baccalaureate)

Lynn Johnson (Health Baccalaureate and Post- Baccalaureate)

Irene Cucina (Health and PE Post- Baccalaureate)

Instrumental Music Education

Mark Stickney

Language and Linguistics

Barbara Lopez-Mayhew (French and Spanish)

James Whiting (TESOL)

Life Sciences/Middle Level Science (5-8)

Mary Ann McGarry


Shawn Hackshaw (Baccalaureate)

Osama Taani (Post- Baccalaureate)

Music & Theatre

Holly Oliver

Online Teaching and Learning/Neurodevelopment Approach

Cheryl Baker

Reading and Writing Specialist

Edie Patridge

School Psychology

Cindy Waltman

Social Science

Mike Kopish

Special Education

Marcel Lebrun

Ann Berry

Technology Integrator

Fran Rancourt

Student Representative

Aaron Maddux

Non-Voting Members

Office of  Educator Preparation

Kathy Vestal
Deb Mardin

Recording Assistant

Kelsey Donnelly

Director of Curriculum Support

Mary Campbell

College of Graduate Studies

Judith Ciesielski