Voting Members

Chair – Council of Educator Preparation

Megan Birch

Adventure Education

Jamie Hannon


Jason Swift

Arts, Leadership and Learning/ Integrated Arts

Trish Lindberg


Doug Earick

Counselor Education

Gary Goodnough

Curriculum Administrator/Principal/Administration and Curriculum

Christy Sweeney

Early Childhood Studies

Pat Cantor

Elementary Education
Gerry Buteau (Baccalaureate)

Susan Shapiro (Post-Baccalaureate)


Meg Peterson (Teaching Writing/Post- Baccalaureate)

Megan Birch(Baccalaureate)

Health and Human Performance

Louise McCormack (Health and PE Baccalaureate)

Lynn Johnson (Health Baccalaureate and Post- Baccalaureate)

Irene Cucina (Health and PE Post- Baccalaureate)

Instrumental Music Education

Mark Stickney

Language and Linguistics

Barbara Lopez-Mayhew (French and Spanish)

James Whiting (TESOL)

Life Sciences/Middle Level Science (5-8)

Doug Earick


Shawn Hackshaw (Baccalaureate)

Osama Taani (Post- Baccalaureate)

Music & Theatre

Holly Oliver

Online Teaching and Learning/Neurodevelopment Approach

Cheryl Baker

Reading and Writing Specialist

Edie Patridge

School Psychology

Cindy Waltman

Social Science


Special Education

Marcel Lebrun

Ann Berry

Technology Integrator

Sharon Silva

Student Representative


Non-Voting Members

Office of  Educator Preparation

Kathy Vestal

Deb Mardin

James Wenhart

Recording Assistant

Kelsey Donnelly

Director of Curriculum Support

Mary Campbell

College of Graduate Studies

Judith Ciesielski