Estimated Cost (2013–2014)

The chart below reflect ESTIMATED 2013-14 annual billed (direct) costs to attend PSU. Bills are generated on a semester basis.

ESTIMATED PSU Billed Costs (Annual)

NH Resident Non-Resident Commuter - 
NH Resident (3)
NEBHE – New (1) 
NEBHE – Returning (1)
Tuition $10,410 $17,830 $10,410 $14,120 $16,656
Mandatory Fees $2,200 $2,200 $2,200 $2,200 $2,200
Room & Board (2) $9,258 $9,258 $ 9,258 $ 9,258

Total Billed Charges

$21,868 $29,288 $12,610 $25,578 $28,114

Depending upon living arrangements and course of study, students should plan to budget an additional estimated $3,430 – $3,575 annually to cover books/supplies, personal and/or travel expenses (4). Commuting expenses are estimated based on living at home. These additional costs will be considered when awarding your financial aid.


  1. NEBHE (New England Board of Higher Education) – Students are notified of their eligibility in The New England Regional Student Program through the admission’s process. Additional information about the NEBHE program can be found on the Office of Admission Web site.
  2. Room & Board estimates pertain to students living on or off-campus. Students living off-campus will not have room or board charge appear on their bill, unless they signed an on-campus meal plan contract. The on-campus estimate for Room & Board was based on students living in a Double Room and using a 150 Meal plan/semester with $150 FlexCash.  Other Room and Board plans are listed on the Student Account Services webpage. If there is a credit on your bill, it may be used to pay for your off-campus housing.
  3. Non-Resident Commuter estimated billed costs for 2013-2014 are $20,030.
  4. Some students may be required to provide verification of health insurance in order to participate in sports or specific majors (i.e., Nursing).   If students are not covered under their parents medical plans, they may need to seek their own coverage.  Additional loan assistance from federal or private resources may be available to assist after students provide documentation to PSU’s Financial Aid Team from an insurance agency.  Documentation must identify the student and the total academic year premiums.  Students will need to apply and qualify for all loan programs to access additional assistance.   These loans usually are those which require credit approval and can take up to a month’s time before accessing funds.  A listing of local insurance agencies is available at the Health Services website.

Financial Aid awards are based upon the estimated costs provided above. Actual billed rates are approved by the University System of New Hampshire’s Board of Trustees each year and are reflected on your PSU semester bill which is available online at the beginning of each semester. For specific information about billing, please visit the Student Account Services’ website  (formerly the Bursars Office).

revised 2/1/13