Master Promissory Note & Entrance Counseling

Federal Direct Loans

If you plan to use Federal Direct Loans and are a first-time borrower at PSU, you will be required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and a one-time online Entrance Counseling.  PSU will be notified once you have completed and submitted these requirements. Federal loan funds will not be credited to your PSU bill with Student Account Services until these items are completed.

1. MASTER PROMISSORY NOTEThe MPN is your promise to repay your federal direct loan. The Direct Loan MPN is valid for ten years.

2. ENTRANCE COUNSELING SESSION: The online counseling session assures that you understand your rights and responsibilities when borrowing federal loans.

Both of these requirements may be completed at, using the same FSA ID you used to sign the FAFSA.  Once logged in, please proceed to the links for “Complete Counseling” and “Complete Master Promissory Note.”

Note: Your MPN is not considered complete until you reach the screen with the following message: “Thank you for submitting the MPN. You may view/download the PDF version of your completed MPN.”

For more information about Federal Direct Loans and loan limits, please see our Federal Direct Loan webpage.


Federal Perkins Loan

Students who have been award a Federal Perkins Loan and wish to accept the loan are required to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and online Entrance Counseling. The MPN and Entrance Counseling requirements for the Federal Perkins loan are different from those needed for the Federal Direct loans.

Borrowers will receive an email from ECSI (PSU’s Federal Perkins Loan servicer) with instructions on how to complete the Perkins MPN and Entrance Counseling online.

** PLEASE NOTE that students may receive a message indicating that they are unable to complete the MPN online. If this is the case, please PRINT the MPN, sign and mail the original to our team at 17 High Street, MSC #18, Plymouth NH 03264 **

April 7th, 2014 by Eric

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