Finding A Job

At PSU, it is the student’s responsibility to contact departments and secure employment. If you are interested in working on campus, it’s important to initiate your job search early. We suggest that you look over the lists below and determine which potential jobs or employers may coincide with your past experiences and/or future objectives. If you are awarded federal work study money through your financial aid award, we strongly suggest you begin your job search as soon as your award is determined.


  • Start your job search as early as possible; don’t wait until after the semester has started.
  • First impressions matter! A friendly, in-person visit or personal phone call makes a much better impression on prospective employers than a mass email.
  • Check with departments within your major, minor, or area of interest.
  • Check with campus contacts that you may already have: professors, coaches, orientation leaders, administrative personnel, etc.
  • Be prepared! Bring a copy of your class schedule and make a note if you expect changes in your class times.
  • Have information regarding past experience available, if requested.


Please note that not all departments list open job opportunities through our website. Therefore, you may want to contact individual departments to determine if they have an opening they have not advertised. Keep in mind that contacting a potential hiring department does not guarantee an available position within that department; nor does applying for any specific position guarantee that you will be hired. All hiring is done at the individual department’s discretion.

If you are hired you have a responsibility to your employer. If your work schedule does not coincide with your academic schedule, please be sure to let your employer know; your first responsibility is academics.


What documentation is needed to begin work?

  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification): This form requires you to present one or two forms of identification. All ID must be original documents and not photocopies.
  • W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding)

ALL students who work on campus must complete these forms prior to beginning work. These documents will be requested by the department for whom you are working at the time you are hired. We highly recommend that if intending to work on campus, you bring appropriate identification with you to prevent delays in starting work. Please note that all addresses on Federal forms should reflect your permanent address and not your campus address.


What is WISE?

WISE is the Web Information System for Employees. Once hired, all students have access to WISE.

WISE can be used for a number of payroll services, including:

  • Viewing your Pay Stub(s)
  • W-2 Tax Forms – You can opt out of a paper form and print your own or just access the information online!
  • W-4 Tax Withholding – You can update your withholding at any time
  • Direct Deposit Allocation – Sign up for and change your direct deposit online

Logging on to WISE

You will need your USNH ID# to login to WISE.

To access your USNH ID, visit your myPlymouth, click on the “Services” tab, then scroll down to the section titled “Faculty/Staff Resources” where you should see the following: “Your USNH ID is:  9xxxxxxxx.”

If it is your first time logging into WISE, enter your USNH ID and your PIN. Your initial PIN is your date of birth in MMDDYY format. You will be required to change your PIN upon your first visit to the system. PINs are case-sensitive and may be between 6 and 15 characters, which may contain letters, numbers, and punctuation.

WISE Payroll FAQ


How do I view my W-4 form information?
Select the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances option from the Employee tab. The information displayed is the most current information.

How do I make a change to my W-4 form information?
Select the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances option from the Employee tab and select Update.

Please note: Your initial W-4 should be completed with your hiring supervisor.



How do I set-up direct deposit for a new bank account?
Within WISE, navigate to Pay Information from the Employee tab and select Direct Deposit Allocation.  The Update Direct Deposit Allocation option is located at the bottom center of the form. Enter your bank account information under Add Allocation. Save.

Can I have direct deposit to any account?
Yes, direct deposit is available with any financial institution. You are not restricted to local banks or credit unions.

Can I have direct deposit to more than one account?
Yes, you may select more than one allocation. The priority determines the order allocations occur.

Why is the priority of each allocation so important?
The priority determines which account will be processed first, second, etc. For example; Priority 1 will be processed first, Priority 2 will be processed second, and so on. Your net pay allocation should be the last account processed (i.e. has the highest priority number).

I have two accounts set up however my entire check is going into only one account. What is wrong?Check your priority settings; the account receiving 100% of the remaining balance should have the lowest priority.

My direct deposit is set up with two accounts so that each account receives 50%. Why am I still receiving a check?
If both direct deposit allocations are set to 50%; the first deposit is 50% of the total net and the next 50% deposit is half of the remaining amount. See example below:
Description Priority # and  Allocation % Amount Available balance
Net Pay $100.00
Priority 1 at 50% $50.00 $50.00
Priority 2 at 50% $25.00 $25.00

Check your percentage amounts and you may want to adjust the percent allocations to make one of them be 100%.



When is the pay stub information available?
Bi-weekly pay information is typically viewable via WISE one business day prior to the payment date.

Who should I call if there is a problem with my pay information?
Contact your departmental supervisor, PSU Human Resources, or PSU Financial Aid Team.

How long will my pay stub information be kept online?
You are able to view all pay periods in the current calendar year and all prior calendar years back to July of 2003.

Can I print my pay stub?
Yes, simply click on the Print Icon at the top of your screen.

Is this considered an official pay stub?
Yes, a printed pay stub is accepted by most financial loan institutions. You can contact your Campus Payroll office if you have further questions.

W-2 Tax Information

When is W-2 information available in WISE?
W-2 information for the prior calendar year is available in WISE once the USNH pay history has been reconciled and W-2 processes are complete.

Is W-2 information available in WISE before the Form W-2 is printed and mailed to employees?
Yes, the W-2 information is available to employees who have provided Electronic W-2 Consent. Electronic W-2 forms are available to employees via WISE approximately a week prior to the paper W-2 mailing.

How do give consent to receive electronic W-2 information?
Select the Electronic W-2 Consent option from the Employee tab and follow the instructions. Note, WISE does not currently offer confirmation of your selection.

Where is W-2 information available in WISE?
Select the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement from the Employee tab. You may then select the Tax Year.

Can I print my W-2 information from WISE and submit with my income tax return?
Yes, once you’ve selected the appropriate Tax Year and have the Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement in view. You may print from the browser or select Printable W-2 from the bottom of the page and then print.

How far back can I see my W-2 information?
You can view your W-2 information via WISE from tax year 2003.


Please note: Your Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement) is produced by PSU Student Account Services and is generally available through myPlymouth in late January.

General payroll information can also be found on the HR website. However, if you have any specific questions or concerns about your payroll or paycheck, they should be brought to your direct supervisor first.

April 7th, 2014 by Eric

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