Welcome To The Hartman Union Building!

The HUB is under renovation for its 20th Birthday!


Thank you for your patience as we complete these exciting improvements to the HUB!

    A few highlights include:

  • A renovated and rearranged Fitness Center – with a more open layout, the Fitness Center is better than ever
  • A whole NEW Student Organization shared space for meetings, planning events, making banners, and collaborating on projects
  • A new entrance into the Union Grille, directly across the street from Prospect – easier access into the building on those cold winter days
  • A renovated Union Grille dining area, now open anytime the HUB is open, not just Grille hours
  • Completed over Winterim 2015, the Daily Paws cafe has a new layout for better traffic flow to get a coffee, bagel, and on your way faster
  • The computer cluster has been distributed to several new spaces, rather than being concentrated in one corner. You can use computers in variety of spaces throughout the HUB
  • New paint and flooring materials throughout the building
  • New, awesome furniture to go along with all the new layouts, spaces, and exciting new color scheme
  • … and LOTS more!

The Hartman Union Building – better known as “The HUB” – is the home for many student life programs. The Community Service Center, Recreation Programs, and Student Activities are among the programs located in the HUB and offer a variety of opportunities for student involvement. The HUB also houses the Plymouth State Bookstore,  Mail Center, computer cluster, meeting and activity space for student organizations and activities, Union Grille and Daily Paws Cafe, and student organization offices.

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