Posting on Campus

Posting flyers in campus buildings must adhere to the policies specific to each area. Please inquire at each area as to their unique policies. General guidelines regarding posting in public places can be found in the Student Handbook.

Residence Hall Posters/Flyers:

Deliver flyers to the Residential Life office in the lower level of Mary Lyon.  They approve & distribute to each hall.  Deliver Langdon Woods & University Apts flyers to Centre Lodge.

Residence Halls Posters/flyers
Grafton 7
Smith 7
Pemi 8
Mary Lyon 3
Blair 7
Langdon Woods 7
Apartments 4
Total 43

Other Campus Facilities Posters:

Note: check with each building and/or department for proper approvals.  Below are max # of posters allowed per building.

Other Campus Facilities Posters/flyers
Prospect 1
Lamson 1
Silver 2
Hyde 4
Rounds 6
Speare 3
D&M 4
Boyd 3
P.E. Center 2
The HUB 5
Graduate Studies 4
Total 35

Total posters/flyers needed = 78