Why Work for Plymouth State?


Excellence 2013

Faculty and staff members focus on vibrant teaching and learning, and strong mentorship of students; on scholarship, research, and creativity that extends across all levels of students and faculty; and on genuine engagement with our community, region, and world.

~President Sara Jayne Steen

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You will LOVE working at PSU!

Diane Jeffrey

Director of Silver Center for the Arts

I love working at Plymouth State because I am surrounded by gifted and talented people all day who love their work and feel fortunate they can do it in such a beautiful place.  It’s thrilling to be in an audience of over 600 people, young and old, students and community members, families, colleagues and visitors to the area all laughing at the same time, sitting together in stunned silence or leaping to their feet in enthusiastic applause.  Being a part of that is such a gift.