John Scheinman

Major Gifts Officer, Advancement

I was extremely fortunate to be hired in June of 1999 for a position with multiple responsibilities. I grew a great admiration for the way every Plymouth State Alumni and Staff person I came in contact with embraced PSU. They all spoke so glowingly about the university and the community.

When my family settled in Plymouth I came to find that my peers had understated how amazing Plymouth State and the community was and both exceeded every one of my expectations!

PSU has allowed me to serve the community on a host of boards, committees and coaching youth sports to name a few. I enjoy the collegiality and respect we afford each other. There is great sense of community, work ethic togetherness at PSU. I love my relationships with my former students and my present role assisting to shape the future of PSU.

Len Reitsma

Professor, Biological Sciences

I love working at PSU!  I can relate to our student population and have lots of friends who are former students and research collaborators. I feel an ideal fit with PSU, especially now with the MS in Biology program.  I love where PSU is! I live in the woods and like being at a campus that is rural.

Diane Jeffrey

Director of Silver Center for the Arts

I love working at Plymouth State because I am surrounded by gifted and talented people all day who love their work and feel fortunate they can do it in such a beautiful place.  It’s thrilling to be in an audience of over 600 people, young and old, students and community members, families, colleagues and visitors to the area all laughing at the same time, sitting together in stunned silence or leaping to their feet in enthusiastic applause.  Being a part of that is such a gift.

Angie Uhlman

Administrative Assistant, Center for the Environment

I decided to work at PSU because I had a very positive experience here as an undergrad. The faculty and staff members at PSU really believe in what they do and their energy is contagious. These are the people who have influenced my life in such a positive way and I want to help create that experience for other students. Working at PSU has allowed me to live the life I dreamed of living in the area that I love.

PSU provides its employees with great opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have had the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Health Education while employed at PSU and as a result I have become adjunct faculty for the Environmental Science & Policy and Health Education departments.

We have a very unique community of caring and involved individuals at PSU. I’m proud to be part of a community that is so dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our students and in the lives of each other.”