Chrome vs. FireFox

April 27th, 2012 by Jo-Ann

Browsers develop brand loyalty similar to the way cars develop brand loyalty.  You can often hear people talk about how they only drive Fords or they only drive Chevrolets.  On the PSU campus you can hear people talk about how they only use FireFox or they only use Internet Explorer.

For several years now ITS has encouraged the campus to use FireFox.  We found that FireFox was generally the most stable browser that supported the largest number of web applications.  However, if you were to walk into the offices of ITS today and asked anyone which browser they prefer, most of the group would tell you they use Google Chrome.

The reasons we prefer Chrome are similar to the reasons we preferred FireFox in the past.  It is considered to be the most stable browser on the market right now.  It’s fast and the web applications we use on campus tend to display a little better on it.  Chrome supports the most modern web technologies, and we like to stay current with those technologies.

Chrome embeds Flash, so there is never a need to update it.  Chrome also updates itself automatically, so there is never any concern that you’re running an outdated browser.  We have seen browser updates break functionality in the past, but have not seen these types of issues when Chrome updates.  Anything that you are doing in FireFox right now you can do exactly the same in Google Chrome, and the performance should be a little bit better.

Sometimes we come across browsers that have several toolbars installed.  While toolbars can be useful, they can also significantly hinder the performance of your browser.  With Google Chrome you do not need any toolbars. A Google search can be done directly in the address bar.

As we continue to reach around the globe for students and partnerships, using Google Translate directly in your browser can be amazingly helpful when trying to translate Mandarin websites.

Please consider making the switch.  We will of course still help and support you no matter which browser you choose, but we truly believe for the work that is done here at PSU, Google Chrome is the best choice.  Other institutions  and government agencies have switched to Chrome and are quite pleased with the change.  You can download Google Chrome here.

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July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

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