Departmental Server Policy

December 2010

A server is defined as any computer which provides services to multiple clients or users. ITS understands that in some cases it may be necessary or desirable for a department to have its own server to provide services to its users. Departmental servers are permitted when there is a sound business case. Departmental servers will not be funded by ITS. It is the responsibility of the department requesting the server to acquire funding.

A binding Service Level Agreement (SLA) must be created and agreed upon by ITS and the department and must be signed by a designee of ITS and the Chair of the department requesting the server. In addition to any restrictions or conditions specifically written into the SLA, all departmental servers are subject to the following:

  • No server may overlap functionality provided by ITS, with the exception of file shares, nor may it be used to subvert ITS services, restrictions, or policies.
  • Servers must be purchased through ITS, and meet ITS requirements for manufacturer, model, form factor, etc.
  • To further the sustainability goals of PSU, the server must take the form of a virtual machine provided by ITS when possible. If it is not possible, then the server must be hosted in ITS datacenters, or in another secure and environmentally suitable location approved by ITS.
  • Where possible, Servers must be centrally authenticated.
  • User accounts must follow PSU username and password conventions.
  • ITS requires administrative access, and reserves the right to inspect, modify, disconnect from the network, or shutdown the server when necessary.  Departmental servers and their users are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy and all other ITS, University and USNH policies.

System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.