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The email format used here is a substitute for the traditional “anyone” as a way to avoid email spammers.



Richard G. Grossman
Assistant Vice President & Chief Information Officer
rggrossman (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Colleen Kenny
Administrative Assistant
cmkenny (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Application Administration and Development 

Director, Management Information Systems
    (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Information Systems Programmer
    (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Web Application Developer
    (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Jon Graton
Oracle Database Administrator
jgraton(at) plymouth (dot) edu

Phillip Manseau
Oracle Database Administrator
pdmanseau (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Elena Marrotte
Information Technologist
elmarrotte (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Kevin Orlowski
Technical Support Specialist
k_orlows (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Hyung Park
Web Communications Designer
hjpark (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Nathan Porter
Web Application Administrator/Developer
nrporter (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Steven Wilson
Web Application Administrator/Developer
srwilson (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Application Administrator/Business Intelligence
    (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Client Services and Academic Technology

Jo-Ann Guilmett
Director, Client Services and Academic Technology
jguilmet (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Melinda Barnsley
Training, Documentation and Communications Specialist
mjb1047 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Mike Cosma
Equipment Depot Coordinator and Help Desk Support Technician
mcosma (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Steven Cramton
Technology Coordinator for Help Desk & Support Services
stc1010 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Todd Kent
Technology Coordinator for Classrooms & Event Services
twkent (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Help Desk Shift Supervisor
 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Katherine Martell
Instructional Technology Specialist
kmmartell (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Erika Rydberg
Digital Creation Technologist
elrydberg (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Brett Robinson
Multimedia Technologist
bmrobinson2 (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Enterprise Information Management

Joyce C. Larson
Director, Enterprise Information Management
jlarson  (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Infrastructure Services

Christopher Drever
Director, Infrastructure Services
 ctdrever (at) plymouth (dot) edu 

Leasa Armour
Network Administrator
l_armour (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Kenneth Bouwens
Information Technology Technician
kfb2002 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Eve-Ellen Cole
Telecom Administrator
ecole (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Scot Moody
Network Technician
smmoody1 (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Strategic Technology Services

Elaine M. Bouchard
Director, Strategic Technology Services
embouchard1  (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Janet Ames
Business Services Assistant
janeta (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Pam Crosby
Administrative Accounting Specialist
pcrosby (at) plymouth (dot) edu


Technology Services

Ted Wisniewski
Director, Technology Services and Chief Security Officer
ted (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Scott Backoff
Systems Administrator
 smbackoff (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Shawn Budro
Desktop Support Technician
sbudro (at) plymouth (dot) edu

James Cook
Systems Administrator
jmcook1 (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Systems Administrator
   (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Brendon Hoch
Instrumentation & System Support Specialist, Boyd Science Center
bhoch (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Tom Morin
Computer Repair Technician
tom (at) plymouth (dot) edu

William Philbrook
Desktop Support Technician
 wtphilbrook (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Josh Potter
Systems Administrator
jjpotter (at) plymouth (dot) edu

Desktop Support and Repair Technician
    (at) plymouth (dot) edu

System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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