Sharing your Calendar

You can share your calendar information with other people and give them one of the following access privileges:

  • Internal users or groups.  You select the type of privileges to grant, either:
    • Viewer. The Grantee can see the activities posted to your calendar and the status of meeting requests, but cannot make any changes to your calendar.
    • Manager. The Grantee has permission to create meetings, accept or decline invitations, and edit and delete activities from your calendar.
    • Admin. The Grantee has permission to create meetings, accept or decline invitations, edit and delete activities from your calendar, share your calendar with others and remove other Grantees from your shared calendar.
    • None is an option to temporarily disable access to a grantor’s shared calendar without revoking the share privileges. The Grantee still has the calendar in their calendar list but cannot view or manage activities on the grantor’s shared calendar.
  • External guests. You create a password to access your shared calendar. Guests must enter this password to view the calendar. They cannot make changes to the calendar.
  • Public. Anyone that knows the URL to the shared calendar can view it. They cannot make changes to the calendar.

Sharing Private Appointment Details

When you share your calendar you can select the check box Allow user(s) to see my private appointments to allow internal users or groups and external guests to see your private appointments. They will be able to see details of appointments that are marked private.  If you do not check the box, the calendar shows only that your are busy during a private appointment time.

To share your Calendar

  1. Right-click on the calendar to share and select Share Calendar.
  2. On the Share Properties dialog select whom to share with.
  • Internal Users or Groups
  • External guests
  • Public

Editing or revoking permission

You can edit or revoke permissions to access your calendar at any time.

  1. Right-click on the shared calendar.
  2. Click Edit Properties. Users sharing the folder are listed.
  3. Click Edit to change permissions, or
    Click Revoke to remove permissions.
  4. Select whether a message describing the change should be sent.
  5. Click OK.

Alternately, you can edit or revoke permissions from your Preferences>Sharing page.


If you have questions or if you would like assistance with sharing your Zimbra calendar, please contact the ITS Help Desk:

 Phone Support: (603) 535-2929
 In person: Information Desk at Lamson Library and Learning Commons
 Submit a Support Ticket or Check the Status of an Existing Request (requires authentication with your myPlymouth username and password)


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All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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