PSU E-mail on Android Devices

There are two main ways to configure Plymouth e-mail accounts on Android Phones.  Through the stock e-mail client as a POP or IMAP account or as a ‘Corporate’ or ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ account through Settings.  The Corporate or Exchance ActiveSync is preferred and will also sync Zimbra Calendar and Contacts.

Each manufacturer (Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc.) has their own flavor of the Android Operating System and the steps to configure a Plymouth e-mail account through either method will vary slightly depending on the device type.

The following steps follow the general rules, anticipate that there may be slight discrepencies during your actual configuration.

Configuration in the Stock E-mail Client:

  1. Open the Email Application
  2. If no accounts exist the client will automatically bring you to the New Account screen to enter the email address and password.  If there are other accounts already configured you will need to go to Menu ->New Account.
  3. Enter the email address and myPlymouth password.  NOTE: use the full address, using has caused some issues with certain devices
  4. You will be asked to set incoming and outgoing server settings:
    Incoming –, SSL enabled, Port: 993
    If available select “Accept All Security Certificates”**

    Outgoing –, SSL enabled, Port: 465
    If available select “Accept All Security Certificates”**

  5. Configure account settings as desired

Configuration as a Corporate or Exchange ActiveSync Account:

  1. Open Settings -> Accounts and Sync
  2. Select Add Account and chose either Corporate or Exchange ActiveSync (they are synonymous and wording will depend on the device type)
  3. Enter the email address and myPlymouth password.  NOTE: use the full address, using has caused some issues with certain devices
  4. If there is an option to enter Domain just leave it blank, Server can be specified as
  5. Make sure to enable SSL and if available “Accept All Security Certificates” **
  6. Configure account settings as desired.

**NOTE if you can not accept all security certificates it may be required to disable verification in order to successfully configure the account.  This is due to an issue between Android and the provider of our current certificate and can not be avoided for now.**

System Status

All ITS Systems Operational

June 28th, 2013 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. To report a problem, please contact us at or (603) 535-2929.

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