Meeting Minutes from January 19, 2001

January 19th, 2001 by Mary

PCSW Minutes 01/19/2001

Present: Kathy Kelsey, Ann Kulig, Cathie Leblanc, Mia Poliquin, Daphne Morin, MaryEllen Godville.


  • Send out sample bio’s for web page Kathy K. 1/26/2000
  • PCSW Member Bio’s in oz account Each member 2/14/2001
  • PCSW summit committee to discuss agenda Mary Ellen, Daphne, Ann, Kathy K. 1/24/2001
  • Thank You notes to HR and Jack Storms. – Anne K.
  • Anne will send spring schedules to fill in. – Anne K.


Minutes from the November and December meetings were approved. Kathy Kelsey volunteered to be scribe for the meeting.

A new web page designed by Senior Graphics Art major, Jack Storms, was presented and approved. Discussion ensued as to the necessity of PCSW member bio’s being up to date since links from the member page will be available.. Kathy will email sample biography samples to all members. Bio’s should be finished by Feb.14 Anne will write a thank you note to Jack. She will also write one to HR regarding the new Sexual Harassment policy and suggest that procedural steps for how to file a complaint be listed on their web site.

Women’s History Month.
Mia is hoping to engage N.H. Gov. Shaheen for March 29th. A letter was written to her by President Wharton requesting her coming to PSU. After some discussion it was decided to open up her talk to the campus and community in the Heritage Room. If Shaheen is not able to make it, we should consider a backup speaker. Suggestions were Pres of NH Women’s Commission or Theresa de Langis.

The day she is here is also the target date of a joint PCSW meeting between Keene, UNH, and PSU. A sub committee was formed to plan the day’s agenda consisting of Anne, Kathy, Daphne, and Mary Ellen. Cathie Leblanc and Mia Poliquin offered assistance but would not be able to attend the first meeting scheduled for 1/24/01 at 1:30 pm. Daphne mentioned items to consider for the day including assigning facilitators and note takers to each group, planning a host for next year, a welcome from Pres. Wharton, compiling a post-workshop report. Kathy K. suggested opening up the main speaker to community members such as The Task Force against Domestic Violence, Whole Village, Main Street Center.

Mia will not be asking for support money from PCSW this year so that the funds can be used for the joint PCSW summit and speakers. We decided to also request funding from President Wharton.

Mary Ellen is still looking into getting “Did You Hear That,” a talk about subliminal messages in music, for Women’s History Month on March 27th.

More Women Students Wanted.
Mia reported that Tim Keefe is forming a committee to look into how to keep female students at PSU. Compared to other Colleges like PSU, we seem to have fewer women. Because women usually have higher retention rates, we would like to get and keep them in the student population. Mia is sitting on the committee as a representative for the Gender Resource Center. It was suggested to additionally have another PCSW representative.

Spring Meeting Schedule.
Anne will send everyone blank schedules to fill in so she can coordinate all schedule to help plan spring meeting times.

Planning Committee Response.
The Planning Committee responded to the fall letter sent by PCSW suggesting that facilitators for planning sessions be trained. They took the suggestion and said they would pursue it. In the meantime, Terri Lessard from HR had written some guidelines for facilitators.

Kathy Kelsey mentioned that it is time we look at redoing the student and faculty/staff surveys. Mia noted that a committee is currently working on a broad survey for all students and that perhaps we could dovetail off the end of it. She will keep us informed of the process.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

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