Grounds Maintenance Zones

Zone limit descriptions for lawn care and snow removal by PSU Physical

Zone Number

Zone Description

Assigned to

Zone 1 Bounded by Highland Street, Langdon Street, the Children’s Center, the
fence behind Pemi and Boyd Halls, along the eastern limits of the Boyd property to
Highland Street. Also includes the Baker Infirmary.
Zone 2 Bounded by Highland Street, Summer Street, Court Street, Main Street, High
Street and the lot line behind Bagley, Blair and the Frost House. Includes the President’s
House property, the HUB parking lot and the parking lot at the corner of Langdon and
School Street.
Zone 3 Bounded by High Street, Main Street, the northern most limits of the
D& M property to lot line behind Grafton, northerly to Merrill Street, westerly to
Langdon Street.
Zone 4 Bounded by Merrill Street, Weeks Street, Tobey Road, and the Langdon Park
Zone 5 Includes all of the River Street properties, the P.E. Center property, D
& M field.
Cliff Bertrand, Seth Hurst
Zone 6 The entire Facilities Services property. Cliff Bertrand, Seth Hurst
Zone 7 The entire Langdon Park property that includes Langdon Woods.  


Note: All zones bounded by a street or a road are to extend to
the far side of the street or road.

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